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78 RPM Artists' Home Page

Information on Individual Artists

These Detail Pages include artist-specific discographies, as well as a brief biography and photos, where available.

Algava, Jacob
Algazi, Isaac
Algazi, Léon
Algazi, Salomon
Angel, Ana
Angel, Isaac
Angel, Lazare
Béhar, Elias
Beniso, Abraham. See: Choir of the Bevis Marks Synagogue
Beressi, Albert
Bosanski Instrumental i Pjevački Terzett
Çakum Effendi
Choir of the Bevis Marks Synagogue
Cicourel, David
Cohen, Elie
Compagnie Espagnole de Salonique
de Sola Pool, Dr. David
Della Pergola, Alberto
Gerberg, Léon
Gloria, La
Haim Effendi
Haïm, Isac
Hané, S.
Hazan, Victoria
Mariette, Mlle.
Mayesh, Jack
Misrakhi, Benjamin
Musaffia, Sida
Nacionalni Turski glazbeni trio
Ovanes Efendi
Pessah, Albert
Pessah, Isachino
Pincas, Albert
Prato, David
Rosa, Mlle.
Salamon Effendi
Stamboul Quartette
Tenoudji, Janine
Zefira, Bracha

Unknown Artist 1
Unknown Artist 2
Unknown Artist 3

Recordings with Ladino Fragments

Abatzi, Rita
Vidalis, Giorgos (and Rosa Eskenazi)

Complete 78 RPM Discography, By Artist

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Further Research Required

Other artists known to have recorded Sephardic Repertory

Artist: Cazes, Morris
Active: ca. 1926
See also the Stamboul Quartette

Artist: Tsarfati, Menahem
Active: ca. 1926

(Source: La Varah 6 August, 1926, p. 5)

Artists believed to have recorded Sephardic Repertory

Artist: Schmidt, Joseph and the Santo Serviço Choir
Recorded late 1930s, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Holland

Sephardic Cylinders

Evidently exhibited at the "Gramafon ve Tas Plak exhibition", Yak Kredi Vedat Nedim Tor Museum in Beyoglu, Istanbul

To Come

Further titles by Alberto della Pergola, (1882-1942)
Italian Jewish titles on the Durium label

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