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Victoria Hazan

Discography of Sephardic (and other) Recordings

Artist Title Label / Number

Hazan, Victoria

El Cante por la Victoria

Metropolitan 3005A

Hazan, Victoria

Lagrimas Verterei

Metropolitan 3004A

Hazan, Victoria

Me Kemi Y Me Enflami

Metropolitan 3001A

Hazan, Victoria

Mis Penserios Gazel

Metropolitan 3002B

Hazan, Victoria

No Ay Luz, Sabah Gazel

Metropolitan 3005B

Hazan, Victoria

No Riygas con mi

Metropolitan 3001B

Hazan, Victoria

Seda Amaria Son

Metropolitan 3004B

Hazan, Victoria

Todas mis esperansas

Metropolitan 3003B

Hazan, Victoria

Un anio Ay

Metropolitan 3002A

Hazan, Victoria

Un dia Yo Bizi

Metropolitan 3003A


Hazan, Victoria

Araraim Seni Her Guni

Kaliphon 710

Hazan, Victoria

Rast Neva Gazel Kaliphon 710

Hazan, Victoria

Yureimde Bou Agi Kaliphon 711

Hazan, Victoria

Yardan haber Gelmadi Kaliphon 711

Hazan, Victoria

Hayal Deresy Kaliphon 712

Hazan, Victoria

Gionul Arasinda Kaliphon 712

Hazan, Victoria

Hüzam Gazel Metropolitan  2001

Hazan, Victoria

Martinim Omüzümda Metropolitan  2001

Hazan, Victoria

Garip Hicaz Metropolitan 2002

Hazan, Victoria

Gordum Ben Seni Metropolitan 2002
Hazan, Victoria Değirmenci Metropolitan 2004
Hazan, Victoria Bahçe duvarin açdi Metropolitan 2004


Hazan, Victoria

Omorfo Mou Hariklaki Metropolitan 156

Hazan, Victoria

Na se hara hasapaki Metropolitan 156

All recorded and released in New York, N.Y.

Sra. Hazan's entire recorded repertory (10 songs in Ladino; 12 in Turkish, and 2 in Greek) were re-released on Todas mis esperansas, reviewed here: One song also appears on the CD Es Razon de Alabar.

For more information, see also this record label page: Metropolitan.


Born April 15, 1896 in Salihli, Northeast of Izmir (Smyrna), the third child of Moshe and Rivka Ninio. As befits her married name, Hazan was born into a family of cantors. She moved to Izmir around 1915 and to New York City around 1920. She married Israel Hazan ca. 1925.  Sometime after Israel's death ca. 1936, she married Joe Rosa.

She was the President of the United Sisterhood Benevolent Society (in the Bronx?). She concertized at her synagogue, singing and playing the 'oud. She sang in Turkish, Greek, Ladino, Armenian, French and Hebrew. The liner notes to Todas Mis Esperansas relate that she initially declined when fans requested she record, saying her husband "made a good living." Eventually she relented and with her husband's consent, entered the recording studio. She produced commercial recordings in Turkish, Greek and Ladino in the early 1940s for the Kaliphon and Metropolitan label. 

She died on November 21, 1995, in New York City and is buried in Cincinnati, OH.


Maurice Ninio, Carol Freeman and Joseph Hodara. Todas mis esperansas liner notes by Michael Schlesinger.


Engagement photo with Israel Hazan. Source: Maurice Ninio.

Source: Maurice Ninio.

Sra. Hazan is fourth from the right, partially obscured by her husband, Israel. Photo of the United Sisterhood Benevolent Society. Source:

Ca. 1975. Courtesy of Mr. Maurice Ninio, pictured at the right.

While living at the Sephardic Home in Brooklyn, NY. Source: Maurice Ninio.

Photo by the author.

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