Gramophone 14-12036

Number: 14-12036
Artist: Ovanes Efendi
Matrix: 2330 y
Song Title: Si nome Amaras
Language: Ladino(?)
Comments: "Si nome (Onomazetai) Amaros" from log sheet. "Evreico si nome Amaras (Spanish)" from Aylward,

Recorded: Between 15-19 December 1911
Where recorded: Smyrna (Izmir), Turkey
Note: There is considerable question whether this is a Ladino or Greek selection. It is listed in a Greek Gramophone catalog as "Si nome Arnaras" by Lefteris. It is listed in the Gramophone logsheet as transcribed by Alan Kelly as "Si nome (Onomazetai) Amaros" and as "Evreico si nome Amaras (Spanish) by my colleague Michael Aylward. (Spanish in this context usually means a Judeo-Spanish song of Sephardic origin.) I have never seen any other Sephardic song listed in Greek; instead Hebrew or Latin characters are used. So there is uncertainty about the artist, and whether the recording is in Greek or Ladino. Finding the record will resolve the artist question, and actually hearing it will solve the language mystery.

Coupled with (a non-Sephardic song)

Listing Source: Aylward; Strötbaum (from logbooks)
Date Source: Strötbaum
Engineer: A S Clarke


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